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2024 Awards Gala Dinner & PPE Fashion Show

September 19, 2024
At Guastavino's New York
Black-Tie Optional

You are cordially invited to the first NAWIC's GNY Chapter annual Gala. 

Hosted and attended by industry leaders, the dinner strengthens and supports the GNY Chapter mission of advancing women in the AEC industry and helping shape the future of the construction industry


The dinner will honor exceptional leaders within the construction industry in New York.

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It aims to raise money for the NAWIC's GNY chapter mission-focused programs.

With a special keynote speaker who will deliver inspiring remarks that underscore the chapter's focus on career development, education, empowering women to lead, and giving back to the community.

The dinner features awards and a highly anticipated PPE Fashion Show​

Safety First: Changing the Future with Better PPE

Sponsor & Advertise

SUPPORT NAWIC GNY - Let's unite to empower NAWIC, paving the way for the future generation of women and minority business owners.


NEARBY GARAGE: Imperial Parking (across street at 420 East 59th Street)
Contact Michael Bincovich or John Heras at (855) 472-7569

Gala Program

  • 6: 00 P.M      Registration, Cocktail Hour & Photo Opportunity with Honorees

  • 7: 00 P.M      Dinner & Awards Presentation

  • 8: 30 P.M      PPE Fashion Show

  • 9: 30 P.M      Dessert

  • 10: 00 P.M    Event Closes                    


Thanks to all Honorees for your Distinguished Contributions to the Construction Industry in the City of New York
(To be Announced)

Excellence in Leadership Award for Public Service

Construction Industry Safety Excellence Award


Lisa Flores

Omar A. Jackson

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About the Fashion Show

How Improved PPE Impacts Construction Safety for Women

Why women construction workers demanded a change

Over time more and more women suffered from workplace injuries due to oversized PPE. Women construction workers had to be cautious of large gloves getting pulled into machinery, pieces of debris causing eye injuries due to glasses that weren’t designed to sit flush against a woman’s face, and the gapping of oversized face masks when working around dangerous chemicals or vapors.

After decades without seeing a change in the sizing of PPE and safety gear, women construction workers started raising their concerns over the safety hazards created daily by the gear meant to protect them. According to the National Center for Construction Education & Research, one female construction worker reported an injury in 2006 directly attributed to wearing men’s steel-toed boots. Because the boots did not fit adequately, the steel toe provided no protection and also caused the woman painful cuts and blisters that hindered her job performance.

New designs in safety gear for women construction workers

To further protect women and all crew members on jobsites, PPE manufacturers began making safety gear in appropriate sizing for female bodies. Smaller hard hats, safety vests, and boots were some of the first changes that were seen industry-wide. Another notable change in safety gear design was the resizing of safety harnesses. Often, women construction workers would be ordered a harness in a men’s small, as it was the smallest option available. These products are now available in both men’s and women’s sizes from double extra small all the way through double extra large to meet a wide range of needs.

The shift in sizing has been an important one for women construction workers across the industry. But, many of the new gear designs had something in common that made women feel like they stood out amongst their male counterparts – the gear was pink. Feeling a need to make the construction industry more inclusive, several women set out to build their own companies that would make gear to address the issues head on. Jane Henry, an oil and gas industry worker, founded a company called SeeHerWork, focusing on properly fitting PPE for women ranging from gloves to vests and high visibility long-sleeved shirts, all in standard colors and designs. The line demonstrates the spirit of inclusiveness, as it is also available in men’s sizes.​​


Why is PPE Important

Several focus group participants reported they experienced injuries when using ill-fitting PPE, and that most employers did not provide properly fitting PPE such as: safety harnesses, coveralls, boots, vest, and safety glasses.


We’re seeing more women working in construction than ever before, but they still make up only 11 percent of the entire construction workforce. And, the numbers for women working on the front lines are even lower. For every 100 employees on a construction site, there is only one woman and only three percent of companies have a female construction manager​.

How Safety Gear Has Changed For Women Construction Workers

Addressing the Challenges Faced by Women in Construction 

Proper protective gear is critical – and mandatory – for anyone working on a construction site or in specific trades. Over the years, there have been many improvements in quality and effectiveness of protective gear to ensure the safety of all involved on a jobsite. Although women make up nearly ten percent of the entire construction industry workforce, as the National Association of Women in Construction has previously reported, the proper safety equipment needed to work in construction has not always been guaranteed. This is largely due to a lack of gear being designed specifically for women’s bodies and needs.

Here, we’ll detail what changes have been made over the years to better protect women construction workers on jobsites, when changes began appearing in gear design for women, and what safety gear practices still need to be addressed.

Discrepancies in standard safety gear

The need for properly-fitting safety equipment and gear began as soon as women entered the trade workforce at the start of WWII. Because the conventions of the era, most work uniforms were not made for a woman’s body. This continued to be a problem through the 1960’s despite an increasing number of women pursuing careers in trades and construction industries. Even so, women construction workers had no choice but to wear baggy, loose fitting protective gear and oversized goggles and glasses as companies continued to purchase uniforms and personal protective equipment (PPE) made for men only.


What changes still need to come

While progress has occurred, the work is not yet finished. Many vendors still focus on the predominantly male market and some women continue to feel their needs are not taken into account by both PPE vendors and employers. Several women construction workers have spoken out about having to alter their clothing to adjust the sizing and make the best of an oversized harness so that they’re properly protected on the job, even as recently as a few years ago, because their employers would rather buy PPE supplies and uniforms in bulk ​​​

quantities or from a one-size-fits-all vendor. Many tradeswomen have approached this situation by purchasing their own gear or clothing to ensure a better fit for their body. One way to avoid this issue is for companies to agree to no longer order one-size-fits-all clothing and equipment, which is still a common practice on many jobsites and with construction manufacturers.​​​

As the leading association for women in the industry, NAWIC is committed to educating partners within the construction industry on this issue. Associations like NAWIC exist to aid in offering support and resources to expand skillsets and break barriers. In fact, NAWIC partnered with OSHA to ensure this worker safety issue continues to gain more awareness. And thanks to the many women who have already spoken out, we are optimistic on how the future of safety gear will evolve to protect those working onsite.

Revolutionizers in Women's PPE & NAWIC's Sponsors

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  • Members Table 

  • Individual Tickets

  • Non- Member Table

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  • One(1) Individual Ticket

  • Recognition in Featured Signage


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  • One(1) Individual Ticket

  • Company’s Logo on a Box of Chocolates at each table setting at Awards Dinner


| $9,000 

• Table for 10
• Company Logo Included in all Event Marketing Materials: Website, Promotional Invitations, Social Media, Event Newsletter and Event Website
• Full Page Ad in 2024 Awards Gala Journal
• Recognition in Featured Signage
• Advertisement space in the Chapter newsletter for one month
• On-screen sponsor Logo at event 16in x 9in
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• Signage Recognition at Dinner Tables


| $7.500 

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| $2,000 

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  • Recognition during Cocktail Hour

Support NAWIC GNY Chapter 240 Gala

409 East 59th Street

New York City

September 19, 2024
6:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m

Lucie Meier

Yenisei Bell


  • Lucie Meier - Chair                        

  • Jacqueline Handy - Co-Chair             

  • Christina Mueller - Co-Chair              

  • Yenisei Bell                                       

  • Jessica Mora  - Sponsorship Leader 

  • Jazmine Tirado                 

  • Gisela Rodriguez

  • Sreya Sribhashyam - Young Committee   

  • Emma Johson - Young Committee

  • Stephanie Piscopo - Young Committee

  • Ankita Khadtare - Young Committee

2024 Awards Gala Dinner & PPE Fashion Show
2024 Awards Gala Dinner & PPE Fashion Show
Get excited for ticket sales and stay tuned for more information coming your way soon!
Sep 19, 2024, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
409 E 59th St, New York, NY 10022, USA

Gala Awards Journal


Annual Awards Journal will be produced in a print format.

NAWIC GNY Chapter invites you to celebrate our honorees and to feature your firm in our publication.

Your contributions help further our chapter mission to empower women and promote diversity throughout the construction industry. GNY Chapter thanks you in advance for your contribution and support.

                                       4-Color                      Size
Inside Back Cover          $2,000                     (6” x 9”)
Back Cover                     $2,000                     (6” x 9”)
Full Page Ad                   $1,000                     (6” x 9”)
Half Page                        $750                        (6” x 9”)

All advertisements must be submitted by August 30th, 2024. Please email your advertisement in high quality format to GNY email

Please follow the below format and file name for all advertisements.

  • File Format be sent as a high resolution PDF.

  • File name example: Title of Company_Date (SacksComm_ 9.19.24)

  • 0.25” bleed and crop marks included (If there is no bleed, we suggest placing a border around the ad.)

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